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About Us

My name is Ashley and I am the owner and creator of Ashley’s Aesthetics! While working in the beauty industry for several years, I learned a great deal about the advantages of using quality products on your skin. As my knowledge base grew, so did my passion for sharing this information with others who could benefit. With very few chemical free options out there, and being armed with information, I decided to craft my own line of healthful body care products and Ashley’s Aesthetics was born! I love creating each and every product ensuring that your skin can benefit from them by choosing nourishing and quality ingredients. Each product contains a piece of my heart. 

Located on the coast of North Carolina, Ashley’s Aesthetics offers 100% quality ingredients, hand crafted soap and body care products that are made in small batches with pure ingredients that nourish the skin. Created with simple yet quality ingredients, our products seek to renew your body while they tantalize your senses. 

Thank you for joining my journey with me and for all the support you have given. I absolutely love what I do.